Great Good Fine Ok

How to grow a b(r)and

Jon Sandler & Luke Moellman (Great Good Fine Ok)


It’s been a slow drip journey, yet an exciting ride for Great Good Fine Ok. A single here. An EP there. A collaboration with a fellow musician. A live show. While instinct may tell you to think and plan and re-think until your product is perfect, Jon Sandler & Luke Moellman have taken a slightly different approach to growth – one that understands the demand and desire of their audience.

Not to mention, every song they release is jam-packed with funk and awesome-ness. Jamz (with a “z”), if you will. What band – what brand – wouldn’t want that kind of description for their final product?

Jon and Luke, a.k.a. Great Good Fine Ok, have graciously provided our “theme music” for Finely Crafted. So, as we round out Season 1, we thought there’d be nothing better than grabbing a beer with them and chatting about growing a brand organically — in a way that embraces current technology and audience demand. Cheers!


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