Sarah Bray

Place your flag. Build your nation.

Sarah Bray - Writer & Designer


Once upon a time there was you.

Where do you put your flag in the ground? Where are you going and where are you taking the people who will follow? What is the absolute best and most clear thing you’re about?

Sarah’s a designer, a writer, an author, a creative thinker, a wife, and a mom. Through her various creative pursuits, Sarah’s held true to two constants: She’ll never stop evolving and pushing herself to be at her absolute best–and she’ll always invite others (who she calls her “people”) to be a part of her journey.

In this episode, we discuss the value of building trust and building a tribe that supports what you do–even through constant change–and unpack how to create your work in a way that makes people (really) care.

What's your story?

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