Branding is Kind of Our Jam

Branding 101 (The Season 2 Intro)

Blake Stratton + Matt Cheuvront


Welcome back! And by welcome back, I mean you should be welcoming us back because here we are. Back on the wagon as we head down the Oregon Trail of love, which of course is a somewhat abstract metaphor for Season 2. It’s Season 2 of Finely Crafted, friends, and we’re glad to be back.

Today’s episode is an introduction to the Season, in which we’ll take a bit different, more focused “branding” approach. This means you get more of Blake and Matt sharing nuggets of wisdom as we navigate you, the listener, through our branding process. Not to mention we’ll have some fine interviews and a new “story” segment to spice things up. Thanks for being here. And thanks for being awesome.


What's your story?

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